Mimi 4.8.3 Released

With the 4.8 release, I changed how 4chan API requests were made from the app. The old system was called Volley. I used it throughout the app for most of the network requests. Everything from API calls to basic image downloading was done through Volley (backed by OkHttp). The app now uses a couple of libraries that are more specific but better at their jobs. The first library I implemented is called Retrofit. It makes all of the API calls incredibly easy. The second library is called Glide. It handles the basic image downloading so I don’t have to do it manually through Volley anymore.

Retrofit has a couple of different ways to implement it. The first is through a basic set of callbacks. Those work fine, but I decided to go with RxJava instead. With it I can do processing in the background easily and bring the results back to the main thread to be displayed.

The switch to Retrofit with RxJava and Glide has increased performance significantly. I’m still finding little areas of improvement, but the loading time for network calls has decreased significantly.

The 4.8.3 release has a few extra additions:

  • Direct share images!
  • Adding boards is easier
  • Starting a batch download is easier
  • Really added flags for /int/ this time
  • Fixed board not loading after adding it
  • Pull to refresh fixed when inside of threads
  • Fixed subjects not showing in threads
  • Added long press menu to links in posts
  • Bug fixes
  • Permissions fixes
  • Fixed issue with bookmarks not loading

Mimi 4.7 Beta 1

The latest update to Mimi adds a couple of new features as well as some much-needed updates.


  • New tabbed layout option in settings
  • Using more of the material design library
  • Removed the HD button when viewing gallery pictures
  • Gallery pictures get more detail as you zoom in
  • Updated post dialog

To use the new tabbed layout, go into the settings and choose it from “Layout Type” option. This should also open things up for more layouts in the future. A decent amount of the work in adding a new layout type was in making things more modular.

Mimi 4.7 Beta 1 [Download]

Mimi 4.6 Beta 1

The beta version of Mimi was removed from the Play store a little while ago. I’m no longer able to update it. The market version is fine, but the beta is gone. Instead of starting a new beta, I’ve decided to just release the apk and let people have at it.

Installing an apk requires a certain level of technical ability, but there are a ton of tutorials online.


  • Added font size option
  • Updated auto refresh to be a lot more reliable
  • Added notifications
    • Can be turned on and off
    • Shows total unread as well as replies to posts you’ve made

Mimi Reader 4.6 Beta 1 Download

Too many ads!

As many of you know and have commented on, the 4.5 versions of Mimi have a new ads system. I honestly thought people would prefer it over the banner ad that took up space on every page. There are less places within the app that have ads now than when the banner was being shown. The only difference is placement and size.

Whatever my excuses are, it doesn’t change the fact that the perception is that there are too many ads in the app. I get the message and I’m working on fixing it.

My goal is always primarily to have a fun app that people enjoy using. Ads are included to give my time value and motivate me to keep making improvements. As much as they are hated, ads have kept me working on the app for almost 3 years now.

I just wanted to let you know that I hear what you’re saying about ads and I agree with you. Next time I’m at my dev computer I’ll reduce the number of ads.

Mimi 4.5 Released

This update has been in development for a very long time. What started as a few UI changes, turned into a massive overhaul. Here’s the gist of what changed.


  • A ton of small UI tweaks (no more huge blown out images)
  • Removed persistent banner ads from the app and removed all ads from full threads
  • Fixed some issues with the auto refresh
  • Changed how bookmarks and history are displayed
  • Much better caching of images and webm files
  • Added the ability to open replies from within the reply popup
  • The captcha is fixed
  • Simple tracking of your own posts and posts in reply to you
  • Smoother scrolling in lists
  • It is now much easier to manage the boards list and the order can be set however you like

This list is just the changes I could think of right now. There are a ton of tweaks and fixes to hopefully make browsing more enjoyable.