Starting Over

May 24, 2020

The database got hosed so instead of trying to find a backup and restoring the site, I decided to simply reset everything. Nothing of importance was lost. Now I can go back to ignoring the site as usual.

I’m currently working on version 6.1.0. It’s turning in to a minor release instead of a simple bug fix release because I ended up rewriting the majority of the settings pages. They should work and look exactly the same as before, but Google says it’s better this way and I’m not one to argue.

Other than that, the release will have a few bug fixes. The major one is another attempt to prevent 0-byte files from being created. Android has a new way of reading and writing files that makes the whole system more secure. It allows for temporary permissions to be set on specific files for editing or sharing or whatever. Unfortunately, it makes file operations much more difficult for developers. I think I’m closing in on the solution to the 0-byte file problem and hopefully, the next release finally fixes it. Please let me know if it doesn’t.

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