7.0.0 Released With Major Changes

September 20, 2020

The latest 7.0.0 release of Mimi contains a lot of core changes. One of the biggest changes is that the app requires Android 6. Development has become more difficult as I work around fundamental components written a long time ago. This latest release changes a significant amount of underlying features, but should not be noticeable for the most part.


The largest change that hopefully nobody will notice has been a complete rewrite of the core database access utilities. Previously, the app was using a hacked together mix of different libraries. It was slow and buggy, but it worked. I removed all the old database libraries and replaced them with Room. If you do notice anything different, it will hopefully just be that threads update more reliably now, and the unread post dot accurately shows unread post counts.

Thread Auto Refresh

While this wasn’t a total rewrite, it was a major refactor. The biggest change that people will likely notice is that the notifications can now be set to only show when someone replies to your post. Other than that, the new system is much more reliable and should no longer show the same notification twice.

Replies Dialog

The app no longer shows multiple dialogs when going through a bunch of replies. It was a bad practice to show so many dialogs, but I never got around to fixing it. With the 7.0.0 release, only one reply dialog shows at a time.

Bug Fixes

There are a huge list of bug fixes. Some are related to the database or auto refresh changes, but there are a bunch of independent changes as well.

  • Thread read position is saved more reliably
  • When you close a tab, it should no longer keep refreshing the thread
  • Notification dot and count are more accurate
  • Update video playback library to hopefully fix the video issues people have been having

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