6.1.1 Hopefully Fixes A Large Bug

June 22, 2020

Mimi version 6.1.1 is being released to fix a single issue. There have been multiple reports of the app becoming unstable after some use. I believe I have found the cause for most (hopefully all) of these crashes. The issue comes down a bug in how long posts get stored. There was a fairly high probability that thread posts would remain in the database forever. This release makes sure that your most recently visited threads are available quickly, but removes older posts to make sure the database does not fill up unnecessarily.

I am focusing on this one issue to make sure the app stays stable and to quickly fix any bugs that pop up after release. Stability is the focus for this release. The next release will be more focused on performance and bug fixes. If I said I would work on your issue, I still mean it but it probably is not in this release.

Please let me know if this release fixes your crashing issues or not.


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