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Mimi 4.5 Released

This update has been in development for a very long time. What started as a few UI changes, turned into a massive overhaul. Here’s the gist of what changed.


  • A ton of small UI tweaks (no more huge blown out images)
  • Removed persistent banner ads from the app and removed all ads from full threads
  • Fixed some issues with the auto refresh
  • Changed how bookmarks and history are displayed
  • Much better caching of images and webm files
  • Added the ability to open replies from within the reply popup
  • The captcha is fixed
  • Simple tracking of your own posts and posts in reply to you
  • Smoother scrolling in lists
  • It is now much easier to manage the boards list and the order can be set however you like

This list is just the changes I could think of right now. There are a ton of tweaks and fixes to hopefully make browsing more enjoyable.