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Released v4.2.0

– Webm file should load more reliably
– Added option to choose save location for images
– Added image search functionality
– Tons of smaller fixes

I tweaked how webm files are loaded. They should be more reliable now, but I’ll be making more changes soon. I also added an option that people have been asking for. It’s now possible to choose where to save your images. There’s a new option in the settings page.

Another feature that people have been asking for is the ability to search online for images in a post. That function can now be found in the image information dialog. You can access it through the pop up menu for any post with an attached image.

It should be available in the Google Play store shortly.

Images not showing after they’re saved

By default, any images saved by Mimi are saved in /storage/emulated/0/Mimi. When images are saved, the app requests that Android updates the gallery pictures. Sometimes it takes a while for the images to show in the gallery app. I’m looking into ways to fix this issue, but in the meantime I suggest using an app called QuickPic instead of the default gallery app.

Released 4.1.2

This update contains a couple of features people have been requesting. The first is batch downloading. You can activate it by long pressing on a thumbnail in the gallery. After that, just select which ones to you want and then start the download.

The second addition is to get Mimi working on Android 2.3 again. It was removed when I updated to Google’s latest Android SDK. They added a bunch of new material design features, but it also requires more memory and a lot of older phones were crashing. I was able to get the memory usage back down into usable levels, I hope.


    • Added batch downloading
    • Re-enabled Gingerbread support
    • Added links to rate the app and send me feedback from the settings screen
    • Fixed a potential crash on startup
    • Minor UI tweaks

Released 4.0.8

It turns out there are some more major bugs to fix before I can start working on batch downloading. Quite a few people were experiencing crashes when they opened a board. The biggest fix is to hopefully prevent these crashes. The other bug fix is with the captcha in dark mode. It worked fine on all of my devices, but I was seeing reports of the captcha not displaying properly. That bug should also be fixed.

Other than bug fixes, there’s a major update. The app requires Android 4.0+. This means that gingerbread devices are no longer supported. When I updated the app to the material design theme, gingerbread devices started crashing. It came down to either tracking down the problem and fixing it or just bumping the minimum Android version. I chose to bump the version and move on.

Released 4.0.7

This latest update should take care of any persistent crashing. There was an issue with how it handled bookmarks after they went 404 on the site. It still needs some work, but it shouldn’t crash anymore.

Since I was already working on it, I released the app with a material design theme. There aren’t any fancy new animations, but it looks a little different.

The next update should be to add batch downloading.

Mimi Reader 4.0 Released

Actually, Mimi Reader 4.0.1 was released. There was an issue with the preferences that I didn’t catch before it went out the first time.

This release has been in development for a long time. It’s an entire rewrite of the app to fix the major issues with it. The largest issue is the crashing while browsing images. The gallery has been written with much stronger memory management. Hopefully the out of memory crashes will be significantly reduced.

Other than stability fixes, the UI has been redone as well. The tabs system has been expanded to include all available threads. If you’re browsing a thread on a phone, all you have to do is swipe left or right to see another one. Tablets have the thread list on the left and the full thread on the right. I think it’s a lot more organized.

There are a ton of other changes as well, but those are two of the big ones.

Since this is a huge update, you may need to reinstall the app. I tried to make upgrading from older versions seamless, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.