Mimi v5.9.13 Released

Version 5.9.13 is a bug fix release to resolve the biggest crash plaguing the 5.9 versions of Mimi. The crashes have been very difficult to track down, but I believe this release finally fixes most of them. If the leftover crashes still occur too often, I will prioritize fixing them. From what I can tell, that fix will be a refactor. I would like to make sure the previous fix does not cause more issues before tackling the larger code change. Please update your app and email eli@mimireader.com if you have any issues.


  • Removed the option for paginated board posts. The vast majority of people will see no change. It just makes the app easier to update in the future.
  • Changed when board posts get loaded into the list. The logic for loading posts now waits until the list is ready before making changes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the posts in a board to be loaded twice very quickly. It had the potential to put the list into a weird state where it didn’t know the correct item positions. This change should fix most of the crashes.

Live the dream