5.9.8 Bug Fixes

The inevitable bug fix releases have gone out and I am hoping the version rolling out now is stable. Most bugs should be fixed. The largest bug being batch download not working.

A lot of bugs have been fixed, but there is still at least one large one left. Some people are experiencing an issue where tapping on an image in a thread takes them to the wrong image in the gallery. It does not happen on my test devices so tracking it down is taking a while.

6 thoughts on “5.9.8 Bug Fixes

  1. zandros

    I don’t know what this last update did, but when entering a thread the app lags horribly on my galaxy s7.

  2. Talontd

    Batch downloads still not working.
    Videos now lag.
    Galleries lag while scrolling.

    Batch downloads STILL. NOT. WORKING.

    I hunted down a v.5.8.0 copy and everything is great again. I donated, pretty bummed at the turn development has taken…

    1. Eli Post author

      Hopefully, things have gotten better with the latest updates. I made some major changes to the gallery that will make development easier in the future, but it introduced some major bugs. Most of them should be fixed now.


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