Mimi 5.9.8 Release

The latest release of Mimi includes a fairly big overhaul of the gallery. Preloading media is one of the most requested features. The problem was in how I originally wrote the gallery. Large changes were required to decouple the downloader from swiping between images. While doing that, I converted the whole thing to a language called Kotlin which should help reduce crashes.

If you don’t like preloading, you can turn it off in the gallery settings. By default, it is only enabled when on wifi.

I have had a few bug reports come in for this release that I consider high priority. I will be fixing those as soon as I can. The most requested bug fix is to close the gallery when an image is tapped. That was an oversight on my part when rewriting the gallery. I will try to get it into the next release depending on how difficult it ends up being.


  • Added gallery preloading
  • Improved gallery grid image quality when preloading is available
  • Gallery grid is now square instead of waterfall
  • Muting and unmuting audio no longer restarts the video
  • Attempted fix of images not loading after browsing in the gallery for a while
    • This one never happened to me, but the rewrite should fix the issue. I would like to know if it still occurs.
  • Replaced the ViewPager component in the gallery with a RecyclerView.
    • This change should make swiping more smooth, but it may change how it feels slightly.
  • Replaced the ListView component in the replies dialog with a RecyclerView
    • You should not notice any change.
  • Fixed post number highlighting in the replies dialog
  • Fixed last read position in a thread
  • Fixed unread dot not appearing or disappearing at the right time
  • Fixed unread count in the navigation drawer not showing correctly

5 thoughts on “Mimi 5.9.8 Release

      1. Benjamin Ronnau

        I reset permssions just in case..
        But batch download and occasionally s8ngle file downloads do not work


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