Version 5.0 Released

The last few releases have included a lot of visual and backend changes. For whatever reason this is the one I decided to call 5.0.


What can you expect in the 4.9 and 5.0 versions?

  • Sliding drawer layout so you can choose between three different layouts
  • Tons of toolbar colors
  • Fully customizable post text color
  • Four sorting options for threads, including an option to invert your sort

Those are some of the new user-facing features. However, behind the scenes a lot more has changed. The largest is the integration of RxJava into my database access. Instead of using the ORMLite library, I have switched to a combination of ActiveAndroid with SQLBrite. This combination gives me a lot more control without losing the convenience of model objects. It should also provide a much better base to add more features that will require persistent storage. My plan is to implement thread hiding in a future release.

I just updated the app on the Google Play Store. It should be available in the next 24 hours.

Live the dream