2 thoughts on “Mimi Reader 4.7.0 Released

  1. Fischer

    New update is pretty good. I like the addition of tabs and pictures so much faster. I thought there was something wrong with my phone making them load slower before.
    However, I’ve noticed a few things that are screwed up. If I have a picture in the gallery open and turn my phone screen off and back on, the save button will be gone until I close the gallery and reopen it. Also, if I have a board open the refresh button doesn’t actually refresh it. I have to turn the whole app off or load another board first.
    Thanks for the update and I hope you get these things fixed. I have a Samsung Note 2.

  2. Ben

    I haven’t been able to add any boards I wanted to add r9k but every time I try it just says error loading board specified. I put it as /r9k/ is that wrong?


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