Released 4.0.8

It turns out there are some more major bugs to fix before I can start working on batch downloading. Quite a few people were experiencing crashes when they opened a board. The biggest fix is to hopefully prevent these crashes. The other bug fix is with the captcha in dark mode. It worked fine on all of my devices, but I was seeing reports of the captcha not displaying properly. That bug should also be fixed.

Other than bug fixes, there’s a major update. The app requires Android 4.0+. This means that gingerbread devices are no longer supported. When I updated the app to the material design theme, gingerbread devices started crashing. It came down to either tracking down the problem and fixing it or just bumping the minimum Android version. I chose to bump the version and move on.

2 thoughts on “Released 4.0.8

  1. bxtch

    Now I can never use Mimi again on my Galaxy S2!!! Are you working with Samsung to try to help them sell more new phones?? Oh the humanity… What shall I do?? Any plans for making it work on old-ass Androids Eli? Can you throw up an old version that I can download? I don’t even care about webm support. Thanks buddy!


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