Released 4.0.7

This latest update should take care of any persistent crashing. There was an issue with how it handled bookmarks after they went 404 on the site. It still needs some work, but it shouldn’t crash anymore.

Since I was already working on it, I released the app with a material design theme. There aren’t any fancy new animations, but it looks a little different.

The next update should be to add batch downloading.

2 thoughts on “Released 4.0.7

  1. Tumal Dyles

    Hey Mimi developers,
    I’m a gingerbread user, and I was using your app before, but I uninstalled my copy when I wiped my phone. I want to use it again, but I cannot find an apk for an earlier version. Is there any way I could receive a copy of version 4.0.7 to use with my older phone?
    Thanks, Tumal.


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