Version 3.3.2 Released

After a major release, there’s usually a few bug fix updates.  Well, this is the second of such bug fixes.  This time I’ve fixed the issue with Gingerbread devices crashing after updating Mimi, a pretty nasty bug that prevented creating new threads, and a few general fixes for crashes.

It’s not a huge update, but hopefully it makes things just a bit better.

2 thoughts on “Version 3.3.2 Released

  1. anon

    Excuse me, how do I hide threads? I’m trying to hide a sticky and couldn’t find any option, setting, or guide to do so.

  2. TingleTheFairy

    is there a way to transfer bookmarked threads or save them to html files or such. i’ve gone through 3-4 phones and had no way to transfer my saved threads.


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