Version 3.3.0 Released

Version 3.3.0 of Mimi should show up on Google Play shortly.  It mostly contains a fix for the latest connectivity issues, but I also threw in some changes I was working on.


  •  Fixes for connectivity issues
  • Updated gallery
  • Added webm support

Mimi on Google Play

The connectivity issues come from some changes to 4chan that happened recently.  It wasn’t a big fix, but it was very necessary.

The gallery update was already in the codebase.  I had been working on a gallery update before I started over.  Version 4.0 is coming along, but it’s not ready for release.  It took a bit of work to get the gallery stable, but I think it’s good now.

Adding webm support was surprisingly easy.  It’s not full in-app support, but I think the result is ok.  When a webm file is shown, it shows a preview image with a play button.  Tapping on the play button opens whatever video app you have installed that supports webm files.  Hopefully I can get a little better experience in the next release of Mimi, but this isn’t a terrible experience.

15 thoughts on “Version 3.3.0 Released

    1. Eli Post author

      That’s a design decision on my end. Android has a huge number of devices with varying amounts of memory. In order to reduce the number of out of memory crashes, I lower the resolution displayed in the gallery. As you said, saving the images keeps the full version.

      I can adjust how much the images are scaled down. This release may have been a bit too much.

  1. Splike

    Thanks for finally implementing gallery swipe!
    But with that implementation, I see you have removed the small row of pictures from the previous version. I liked to be able to see what pictures were coming up and that I could skip pictures I didn’t want to see.
    Do you think you can add an option to enable the bottom picture row, but still be able to swipe to the next picture?

    Also looking forward for webm files to be played automatically like gift, with the option to just disable the sound altogether. Maybe a quick option to turn off sound

    1. Eli Post author

      I’ll look into adding the smaller thumbnails, but it might be difficult to do that without causing out of memory crashes. What I could do is add a counter to the full image page. That way you could see what image number you’re viewing and how many are left.

      One of the requirements of posting webm images to 4chan is that they don’t have any sound. It’s not something in my control. If they do allow it in the future, I’ll make sure it works in the app.

  2. Fischer

    Let me start off by saying I’ve been using Mimi for a long time and is by far my most used app. However, I’m really put off by this last update as I find the new gallery to be far inferior to the older one. I liked being able to scroll between all of the pictures in the thread while still having a picture open, and the resolution scaling is really bothering me. Is it possible you could include an option to switch back to the old gallery at a later date?

  3. Eli Post author

    That old gallery was causing a significant portion of the crashes in previous versions of the app. It uses a ton of memory. That’s not to say I won’t add thumbnails while viewing the full images. It has just proven difficult to do in the past.

    I’ll make the resolution change less apparent in future versions of the app. It is really drastic now. I’m not seeing out of memory crashes, though. So, there’s that.

  4. Anon

    This low res gallery is killing me. I just wanna read the images in this beta/cringe thread. I’m not interested in saving them just to read the text. Also, the subtraction of the scrollable image bar is a negative. Looking forward to the next update. Hope it corrects these issues.

  5. Locke

    I was blown away at how speedy your update was to combat the recent site changes. And webm support on top of that.
    I also have a few issues with the resolution and tile setting, but am more appreciative than anything at how quickly you updated things. Thanks.

  6. Boeitniet

    Hi I love this app but I just updated to the latest version (3.3.0) and now I cant post images anymore?
    It lets me choose a pic but it just doesnt show up.. help please?

  7. bxtch37420

    Hey man I absolutely love your app, it’s so much better than all the other 4chan apps but today when I tried to update I kept getting the dreaded “File packet invalid”. So I foolishly uninstalled my old version and I still get the error message. I have tried everything. What is wrong with me? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  8. Richard

    I can only seem to get the full resolution image if I have my phone verticle. If I have it horizontal I still only get the low quality image and can’t read text.

    1. Eli Post author

      That’s really weird. You should be able to zoom in and read the text. You could also, you know, switch to portrait.


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