Webm Support

As probably everyone knows by now, 4chan has webm support. We can now post high quality animations with good compression. It’s a pretty big deal. Many of you have noticed, and several of you have commented on the fact that Mimi doesn’t support webm at the moment. I don’t mind answering the questions over email or however people ask, but I figured this might be a more direct way to say I that I’m working on it.

If you’re in the Mimi beta community on Google+, you’ve probably seen a few screenshots and apks from the latest test version of Mimi.  I took a look at the code for Mimi 3.x and was a bit ashamed.  Most of it was written while I was very new to Android development.  Instead of fighting with old code, I’ve shifted my focus to rewriting most of the major components.

With my current changes, it’s much easier to add things like webm support.  So, my plan is to get webm support built into the next beta/pre-release version of Mimi and then tweak it as needed for a seamless experience within the app.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has emailed me. I’ve received a ton of support from people and it has really helped motivate me to keep working on the app.

Live the dream