Monthly Archives: April 2014

Version 3.3.2 Released

After a major release, there’s usually a few bug fix updates.  Well, this is the second of such bug fixes.  This time I’ve fixed the issue with Gingerbread devices crashing after updating Mimi, a pretty nasty bug that prevented creating new threads, and a few general fixes for crashes.

It’s not a huge update, but hopefully it makes things just a bit better.

Webm Support

As probably everyone knows by now, 4chan has webm support. We can now post high quality animations with good compression. It’s a pretty big deal. Many of you have noticed, and several of you have commented on the fact that Mimi doesn’t support webm at the moment. I don’t mind answering the questions over email or however people ask, but I figured this might be a more direct way to say I that I’m working on it.

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