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3.3.0 Beta 2

3.3.0 Beta 2 Release Notes


  • Tapping on an image thumbnail should always take you to the correct full image
  • There should be less crashes while viewing large images


This isn’t a huge update, but it should help take care of some issues.

3.3.0 Beta 1

3.3.0 Beta 1 Release Notes

Download Mimi 3.3.0 Beta 1

What’s in this release:

  • Caching has been updated to use less storage
  • Thumbnail downloading has been improved to hopefully not cause phones to heat up
  • Fixed a few bugs with thread auto updating
  • Added a new crash tracking package
  • Added support for Samsung multiwindow mode
  • Changed the gallery to support grid modes
  • Added full image swiping
  • Replaced old method of animated gifs with a new, better way (this will probably need to be tweaked to reduce the amount of out of memory issues)


To Do:

  • Full image downloads need to be worked into the new caching system
  • Full image downloads should have the ability to be canceled and the app should allow for multiple images to download at once
  • The gallery is very bare bones right now.  It really needs a better design.
  • Saving an image will have a dialog asking if you want to save to the system storage or external storage
  • Get the file size back down to a reasonable level


Known Bugs:

  • Clicking on an item in the gallery doesn’t always take you to that full image
  • Scrolling through the list of thread OPs is slow and jerky and annoying
  • Opening the batch download window probably causes a crash.  It needs to be fixed, but it’s not really high on my list of things to do


I was going to put in an excuse for why this took so long, but I feel like I don’t really need one now that I see what has changed.