Version 3.2.5 Released

v3.2.5 Changelog
– Fixed history not being updated properly
– Fixed a layout issue
– Fixed a few issues causing crashes

This is a release to fix bugs.  There has been a really annoying crash when closing and opening tabs.  That’s fixed as well as some problems with history not being saved properly.  Now thread history should be updated during an auto refresh as well as when manually opening a thread.

I’m continually investigating the slowness issues people have reported.

7 thoughts on “Version 3.2.5 Released

  1. MRX

    Have an issue: app does not fetch data if I have Airplane mode on with WiFi enabled. I can still use a browser but the app does not load data.

    1. Eli Post author

      That’s an odd issue. It should be able to connect through wifi. I’ll do some testing and see if I can reproduce the issue. Thank you for letting me know!

  2. SS

    Problem on HTC One: When downloading images from the thread by selecting all images, nothing happens! There are no downloads in the gallery. However, downloads occur one at a time through the in-built image viewer,

    1. Eli Post author

      Thank you for the report. I believe this is a weird bug related to thumbnail downloads in the gallery. If you open the thread, then open the gallery by clicking a thumbnail, it should display all of the thumbnails.

      It’s definitely on my short list of things to fix for a future release.

  3. Val D

    I’ve got Xperia X10i, everything was great, but I’ve decided to change ROM, now Mimi Reader says “Something went wrong! Sending report.” every time I try to open any board. What can cause this? I’ve tried moving the app to and from Internal Storage and SD, tried reinstalling, enabled and disabled Comparability mode.


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