New Test Build

If you’re part of the beta community, your version of Mimi should update soon.  I fixed a few problems and I think the app is almost on par with what’s currently in the store with a new UI.

From now on I’ll be working on smaller tweaks and adding features.  There are two that I want to get done before I publish a full version.  Some form of new features should start appearing in test builds soon.

If you want to be a part of the beta, join the Mimi Reader Beta Testers community on Google Plus.

Thanks to Gary’s suggestion, I have put out test build number 6. The only change is that now images in the gallery should always fit the available space. No more scrolling unless you zoom.

Test build 7 is up. There was a bug with the image re-sizing so I fixed it. I also noticed that post IDs weren’t showing up on /b/ so I fixed that.

5 thoughts on “New Test Build

  1. Gary Haag

    Just downloaded mimi text 3.0 and noticed that something that bugs me has not been addressed by anyone that I can see. I am on a transformer infinity with a keyboard which basically defaults me into landscape mode. When I open a picture in landscape mode it expands to the width of the screen which means I have to scroll up and down a lot to view pics. Is there any way that I am unaware of to change this so in landscape I can view the entire picture instead of a blown up one?

    1. Eli Post author

      There has to be a way to make an image scale to the smallest dimension. I’ll change that and put up another beta.

        1. Eli Post author

          No sir, you are the man. That was a great suggestion and fairly easy to implement. You should be seeing another update within a few hours. Let me know if it works for you. I only tested it on my Nexus 7 and I’ve had a few beers so it could be completely broken.


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