Mimi 3.0 test 1

This test release marks the first of hopefully not too many. It does not have all (or even most) of the functionality of the 2.1.x releases. What it will do is load threads and do basic reply tracking. There’s no refresh button, no posting, and the gallery is probably broken. What I need is just for people to use it to lurk.  Crashes will be logged through a system called ACRA.  If you have feedback, please email me at eli@mimireader.com


A full description is below.

There have been a massive amount of changes in the back end. I’m not sure if it’s faster, but the browsing should at least use significantly less memory.  This has been achieved by parsing JSON as it’s being downloaded from the 4chan API.  Doing this eliminates the need to store the JSON data in a separate object before parsing it. The new system took a while to set up, but that’s because I had no idea what I was doing.  It should be fairly stable now, but that’s why I need testers.

This release is also the first release where Mimi supports tablets.  Phones should see little to no change in functionality, but tablet layouts have changed.  Mimi now takes the device size into account when displaying topics and threads.  If the device is a tablet the size of a Nexus 7 and smaller than a Nexus 10, threads and topics will be displayed on the same screen at the same time only in landscape mode.  Devices as big as a Nexus 10 and bigger will always have the thread and topic displayed at the same time.

When these changes are stable, it will give me a stronger base to start adding functionality. I have a bunch of ideas for future functionality, but I can’t give a list right now.  I can say that if I promised a feature in /g/, I will put it in the Mimi 3.0 release.

1 thought on “Mimi 3.0 test 1

  1. Jake

    I’ll install it on my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, both running CM10.1 RC1. Looking forward to the new update.


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