Monthly Archives: May 2013

Test build 3 is available

This update mostly brings a UI redesign.  It is now possible to browse threads in tabs.  Tabbed browsing has come at the expense of the tablet layout, but I think more people use Mimi on phones than tablets.  Please let me know if I’m wrong about this.



What works
– Tabbed browsing
– Posting and replying should work
– Refreshing tabs and topics
– ActionBar drop down selector

What doesn’t work
– The ActionBar spinner doesn’t always show the correct item
– History and watch list doesn’t work
– Sorting boards doesn’t work


Testers needed!

There’s only so much testing I can do with the devices I have on hand. Please let me know if you see issues with loading topics and threads. The new system should be fairly stable, but it would be nice to know if it’s faster or slower than previous versions.

Mimi 3.0 test 1

This test release marks the first of hopefully not too many. It does not have all (or even most) of the functionality of the 2.1.x releases. What it will do is load threads and do basic reply tracking. There’s no refresh button, no posting, and the gallery is probably broken. What I need is just for people to use it to lurk.  Crashes will be logged through a system called ACRA.  If you have feedback, please email me at


A full description is below.

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