Monthly Archives: March 2013

Testing a fix

If you are not able to post because the captcha isn’t showing, please download this test build and let me know if the problem is fixed. You can comment here or email

It appears as though the captcha bug is specific to certain carriers.  It seems to occur on Sprint in the US. Now that I know that, I can more accurately find and fix the problem.  It would be helpful if people who are experiencing this problem would download the test version and just use the app like normal.  Installing this build won’t replace your current version of Mimi.  It will install as “Mimi (Test).”

Of course, if you just want to get rid of ads you could install this too.  It is a test build so it’s probably less stable than normal.  You won’t see any ads before it crashes, though.


Potential fix for captcha images not showing

One of my three updates yesterday contained a fix to the captcha images not showing in the post dialog. This leads to not being able to post unless you have a 4chan pass account. Hopefully my fix takes care of the problem, but I also found an app setting that could affect the captcha image.  In my own testing, I noticed that threads seemed to load faster as well.

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Trying to fix the crashes with 2.2.13

Despite my efforts, the app is still apparently crashing with 2.2.12.  I studied the crashes a bit more and found another potential cause.

Sorry for the massive number of updates.  It’s annoying to have a nagging issue like this outstanding.  The problem isn’t apparent to most people, but it’s a huge issue for those who are experiencing it.

That fix didn’t work either. I’ll take some more time to track down the problem before updating again.

Version 2.2.12 Released

Don’t get too excited. This release is really minor. Well, to most people it should be minor, but there have been a lot of crashes lately with 2.3.x devices. I think I tracked down the issue and fixed it. Hopefully Mimi sucks a little less now.

If this fixes it, I’ll get back to working on new features and putting together a usable tablet layout. There’s a lot to do!

Stealth Update:
While digging around in the crash logs, I noticed a crash in the post dialog. It turns out it’s in the captcha image downloading block of code. The fix is really simple and could allow people to see the captcha image if it works. Since I have no idea if it will fix the issue and the change is benign, I didn’t update the version number. It’s still at 2.2.12.