Monthly Archives: February 2013

New version 2.2.11

In this update I’m trying to fix a few bugs.  The thumbnail images are all the same size now.  I think it makes the layout look a little better.

I also updated the Apache libraries and Jsoup.  It should speed things up a little but my larger hope is that it helps fix the problem of the captcha not showing on the post dialog.

One more update 2.2.10

The history and watch list were constantly showing the spinning loader thing instead of showing content. Getting that fixed was a priority, but I also fixed the bug where usernames and email addresses weren’t auto filled when posting. Hopefully this takes care of the major, glaring bugs and I can get back to adding features instead of fixing my crappy code.

Library madness

Even though nothing changed in the post functionality, it somehow broke in 2.2.8.  I’m working on fixing it now.  My latest guess is that there is some sort of library problem.  In any case, I will fix it asap and I apologize for the bad update.

Update 2.2.8 going live

The UI update to Mimi is taking a lot longer than I expected.  There are a ton of things that broke when I switched to the tablet layout.  While I struggle with making everything work correctly, there’s no reason not to put out a update.  This release isn’t huge, but it fixes a few things that have been annoying me.

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