Ideas for UI update

As many of you have pointed out, the UI on Mimi is very much behind the times.  This is because I have no concept of graphic design.  My brain shuts off as soon as something needs to be visually appealing.  A friend gave me a few bits of advice that I’m currently running with, but I’d like to know if other people think I’m going in the right direction.

First, the topic screen has had some minor changes

Topics are now uniform size with the post/image count on the right. The time and date have also been moved to the top of the post. Not huge changes, but worth noting.

Topics are now uniform size with the post/image count on the right. The time and date have also been moved to the top of the post. Not huge changes, but worth noting.


The view I’m experimenting with the most is the thread view.

Light thread view

As you can see, the OP image has been made much more prominent.

Dark thread view

Keep in mind that nothing is final.  I could decide to drastically change the UI before release.  Right now I’m just looking for whether or not people think I’m heading in the right direction as far as UX is concerned.

23 thoughts on “Ideas for UI update

  1. wobbu

    The changes to the thread view look good. I like that the reply arrow looks bigger–that’s been a problem on my phone, but then again, I’ve got a phone with a small screen. What I’ve thought is that it might be nice to have a visual response, like flashing the hotspot for the reply, just to get a better sense of when you’re hitting the arrow as opposed to the post number next to it. The enlarged OP image looks fine. It may just be my monitor’s colors, but is the color for the ‘linked post number’ text different than it is now? It looks a bit greenish, which isn’t bad, but it just makes me think if it’d look better with a bluish, default-Android sort of color.

    I think that the way the title bar looks in the current version of Mimi is fine–it’s nice to know which board or thread you’re looking at, and unless you’re adding an automatic updater, it’d be a bad idea to take the update button off the title bar, in my opinion.

    A way to browse more naturally through watched threads would be a good addition–even if it’s just having the option for it to open by default to the watched threads menu. Currently it just lets you default to boards or favorites, which is well enough but if you’re switching between a few threads, it means more taps to get to the other thread every time you switch.

    Unrelated to the UI, but related to possible updates: I don’t know if it’s a common problem but after sending a reply, the text of the sent post shows up the next time I go to reply. It disappears properly if I cancel the post. Using Jelly Bean on a Razr M, if that’s important.

    And honestly, Mimi’s UI is part of what made me choose it over the other chan browsers in the first place, so I don’t think it needs massive changes. (Then again, I don’t know what kind of complaints you’ve been getting.)

    1. Eli Post author

      Thank you for your feedback!

      The UI shouldn’t change a lot. I had to remove the icons and board name while transitioning to the new layout, but it won’t always be like that.

      One of the biggest reasons I’m changing the UI is to support tablets and make it easier to navigate to watched threads. Right now everything is on the main view. My plan is to make a sidebar that can be shown in any view by pressing the Mimi icon. The sidebar will allow you to easily select history, watched, favorites, all boards, and any other information you may want to quickly access.

      The reply problem is known. I thought I fixed it in the last release, but I apparently didn’t. I’ll look into fixing it (and other bugs) in the next release.

  2. Mil

    I really like the new UI desing, seems pretty good. I have also two suggestions not totally UI-related, but still:
    -Topic Screen: if every thread has a fixed size now, you can add a small arrow at the right of the post/image counter to expand the post if it is longer that what is displayed.
    -Tabs: every time you go back to the topic menu from a thread, the thread is not closed but it remains on a tab you can access by a swype.

    Than you for this wonderfull application, you are a true gentooeman.

    1. Eli Post author

      Thank you very much!

      That’s a really good idea about the topic screen. It shouldn’t be too much work to implement that.

      With redesigning for tablets, I’m not sure I can implement tabs. My goal is to create a sidebar that lets you access your history and watched threads from any screen. It’s not as good as swiping, but I think it could work well with a split-screen tablet layout. Nothing is set, though. If there’s a way to make tabs, I’ll happily do it.

  3. Mobile User

    What this app needs to be perfect is the ability to post in the background without disrupting browsing, like ChanExplorer (which is unfortunately no longer updated).
    When I upload a post attached with a big gif I would rather want to continue browsing instead of looking at a progress bar.

    1. TheBeaconProject

      They do have a new ChanExplorer – but its now a new app not an update. Still not as good as Mimi. The others I’ve tried is ChanExplorer, Chant, and chan sync but the devs aren’t as devoted to updates asas Eli is. Besides the nice features they have aren’t worth the features they lack compared to Mimi IMO

      1. Mobile User

        I know there is a new ChanExplorer and that’s what I use mainly, like I said it appears that it is no longer updated, last update was on November last year and I have sent the dev multiple emails since and he no longer responds. In my opinion ChanExplorer it is better than Mimi because it allows uninterumptwd browsing like I suggested to included in Mimi earlier.

  4. TheBeaconProject

    Love this app, I’ve got a few other suggestions:

    1.Color coding. All posts made by the OP could be one color, and posts that reply to my posts could be highlighted in another color
    This was used on another 4chan app a while back and it makes it SO much easier to see who’s replied to your posts instead of clicking every single reply to see if was directed to you or not. It could be something as simple as a different font color to post numbers, or the entire comment highlighted

    2. Word filtering. This is probably the most significant update you could implement. In the settings you could have a word filtering section, we could add any word we like in this list and Mimi could automatically filter out any threads/posts with those words in them. As far as the user is concerned they don’t exist. REALLY helpful to avoid threads we’re not interested in ex: (pony gore cp cheese pizza) etc

    Other possible updates (probably not as important)

    1. Slightly larger thumbnails
    2. Show the number of posts and images at the bottom of thread (currently only shows this when you’re on the main board scrolling through threads)
    3. Last but not least, image swiping. Currently when in “gallery mode” you have to tap the next image in the image bar at the bottom to see the next image. Could you allow swiping the image (that you’re currently viewing) to the left or right to view the next image? Just like any image other viewer, the swipe gesture feels much more natural.

    I know its all TL;DR but I’ve got 4 different 4chan apps and I see this one having the most potential as being the “official” android 4chan app. I give it praise in threads all the timeEli I’m copying my suggestions here so they are all in one place for you

    1. Mobile user

      Concernant n°1
      I think OP should add reply quoting on top of that, the inline 4chan extension does it, 4chan X too.

  5. TheBeaconProject

    Also another small change: maybe keep the image thumbnails the same size? Have them crop to a nice square shaped thumbnail so the thread/post layout looks nice and even instead of having uneven gaps caused from different sized images (wide or tall images)

    Once you tap the image, you still get the full sized image. Wish we could leave you screenshots so you’d get a better understanding of some of the things we try to explain lol

    1. Eli Post author

      That’s something I forgot to mention. The thumbnails will all be uniform size. It might not be apparent in the screenshots, though.

  6. TheBeaconProject

    Also..if you’d some users to help beta test some changes I’m all up for it. Not sure what you test your prototype apks with but I’ve got a galaxy S3

    Now if only I could be this enthusiastic about my exams

    1. Eli Post author

      I’ll do a beta here before I release it. There are a lot of changes going into this update and I’d hate to do it wrong.

      1. Heihachi

        I would love to beta test it as well but im not sure you want to use a samsung illusion as a tester lol although it will show it works well on older devices

  7. Heihachi

    I have a idea, I come from the “Apple” products liking android alot more but one thing i miss is chan elite.. the one thing i loved about it was that it had its own gallery inside the app where is saved all the pictures. When i downloaded Mimi and didnt see this feature (did i miss it?) i was quite sad…. People like to snoop and look in my photos so not having the 4chan pics there would be a good thing if you ask me.

        1. Eli Post author

          Ideas are always appreciated. My list of features is getting long and I don’t want to make promises that I can’t keep soon.


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