Version 2.2.6 includes 4chan pass support

I’m not feeling well so this will be short.  You can use your 4chan pass to post using Mimi without a captcha.  It’s one of the features most requested and I think it will be very useful.

There are a bunch of other changes along with 4chan pass support, but I’ll just post the changelog.

* Added 4chan pass support
* Added option to hide favorites tab
* Now shows subjects when viewing topics
* Flags for boards that support them
* Fixed bug where previous post text wasn’t being removed after a successful post
* Fixed rotation bugs when managing boards and posting
* Fixed usernames sometimes displaying HTML
* Various layout tweaks

One thing not in the changelog is a change to error reporting.  All crashes should be handled more gracefully and quickly.  I’ve tried to prevent crashing, but if it does crash at least it will be quick and painless.

7 thoughts on “Version 2.2.6 includes 4chan pass support

  1. chrommel

    I love your aop but i’ve noticed that i’m not able to save images in bulk on my LG Optimus black. Hopefully this will be fixed on the next uodate.

  2. Mannstein

    Hi I downloaded your app and love it, but I have run into a problem where I cannot post replies. Whenever I hit the reply button, there is simply a blank space over the verification box, which I imagine is where the captcha is supposed to be, but it never shows up. So mimi is a great 4chan viewer, but all I can do is view. I’m running it on an HTC EVO 3G.

  3. fsckoff

    I’m still experiencing the text not being cleared on both my phone and my kindle. has this bug not been fixed in the version for /g/entoomen?

      1. fsckoff

        No need to apologize. I’m not one of those people that expects perfection for free. if I had paid for the app, or a monthly fee for a service, then I’d be like ” fix this shit fgt.”, but you work your ass off to provide one of, if not THE, best 4chan readers on ANY device — for free. I’m sure there’s enough assbags that block ads so you probably don’t make much off your hard work.

        matter of fact.. I’m switching to the version with ads today.


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