Rushed 2.2.0 to fix a few problems

This latest release does not contain all of the fixes I hoped to get into the 2.2.0 release, but there were a couple of pressing issues that forced me to release ahead of schedule.  Even though it was done quickly, I think this is a good update.  The first of the pressing issues is that post replies stopped showing up for people due to a change in 4chan HTML.  Replies should now be highlighted properly and actually, you know, work.

The other big, immediately noticeable change is that many of the boards are missing.  I realized that providing access to potentially adult content was irresponsible of me.  It was lazy of me and it endangers the app on the store.  Many of the boards have been removed from the default list and I have included a feature to add whatever boards you want.

On a better note, the posting system has changed a bit.  Starting a new thread no longer opens an entirely new page.  It will now pop up in a dialog.  To me, it feels a lot less clumsy to use.  When posting, you also have the option to save the text.  You can reply to someone, save the text, and reply to someone else.  It means you can now reply to more than one person in a single post.



  • Default boards have been reduced, you can add boards you want
  • App maturity setting has been changed from medium to high
  • Replies are blue and clickable again
  • Posting is now done from a dialog
  • Posting supports saving text so you can reply to multiple posts at once

12 thoughts on “Rushed 2.2.0 to fix a few problems

    1. admin

      On the homepage, press the menu button and select manage boards. It will open a new page where you can add and remove boards.

    1. admin

      That’s really strange. What are you trying to download? Do you mean threads won’t load or are images not downloading?

  1. anon

    I have a request…. Can you include the topic on the main board screen. For instance, when I’m browsing /vg/ I need to see the topics because sometimes the image and content isn’t so clear. When I click on the thread it does show the topic in the banner/header, but not in the list of threads. Thanks for hearing me out.

    1. admin

      I believe it does show the topic numbers, but it might not be obvious. In any case, it sounds like I need to think about better ways to get that information across. Thank you.


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