Monthly Archives: December 2012

New domain

As you may have noticed, Mimi 4chan Reader now has a new domain.  The old domain was just a domain I already owned when I started writing the app.  Now that Mimi is approaching 50k installs, I figured it’s about time to get a real domain.  So here it is.  My new email address is, but will still work.

Version 2.2.6 includes 4chan pass support

I’m not feeling well so this will be short.  You can use your 4chan pass to post using Mimi without a captcha.  It’s one of the features most requested and I think it will be very useful.

There are a bunch of other changes along with 4chan pass support, but I’ll just post the changelog.

* Added 4chan pass support
* Added option to hide favorites tab
* Now shows subjects when viewing topics
* Flags for boards that support them
* Fixed bug where previous post text wasn’t being removed after a successful post
* Fixed rotation bugs when managing boards and posting
* Fixed usernames sometimes displaying HTML
* Various layout tweaks

One thing not in the changelog is a change to error reporting.  All crashes should be handled more gracefully and quickly.  I’ve tried to prevent crashing, but if it does crash at least it will be quick and painless.

Rotation bugs

For everyone having problems posting and adding boards.  Try not rotating the device after the dialog is visible.  I just fixed the issues, but they’re still in 2.2.1.  They will be fixed in the next version.

Version 2.2.1 Released

This update has a few necessary fixes.  I found a couple of potential crashes while posting and fixed them.  It should be less crashy in general.  I also updated the Apache libraries in an attempt to improve posting overall.  When a post does fail, it will now give you 4chan’s reason for it failing.  It won’t just give a generic message telling you to check the captcha and try again.

The changelog is also included in this release.  It will pop up one time. This is a much better way for me to send messages directly to the users as opposed to expecting them to come here or check the Google Play site.

Rushed 2.2.0 to fix a few problems

This latest release does not contain all of the fixes I hoped to get into the 2.2.0 release, but there were a couple of pressing issues that forced me to release ahead of schedule.  Even though it was done quickly, I think this is a good update.  The first of the pressing issues is that post replies stopped showing up for people due to a change in 4chan HTML.  Replies should now be highlighted properly and actually, you know, work.

The other big, immediately noticeable change is that many of the boards are missing.  I realized that providing access to potentially adult content was irresponsible of me.  It was lazy of me and it endangers the app on the store.  Many of the boards have been removed from the default list and I have included a feature to add whatever boards you want.

On a better note, the posting system has changed a bit.  Starting a new thread no longer opens an entirely new page.  It will now pop up in a dialog.  To me, it feels a lot less clumsy to use.  When posting, you also have the option to save the text.  You can reply to someone, save the text, and reply to someone else.  It means you can now reply to more than one person in a single post.



  • Default boards have been reduced, you can add boards you want
  • App maturity setting has been changed from medium to high
  • Replies are blue and clickable again
  • Posting is now done from a dialog
  • Posting supports saving text so you can reply to multiple posts at once

Removing all adult boards

Google has removed another awesome 4chan app recently. Chant was the first one I tried when I got an Android phone. The developer is awesome enough to open source it so it’s not totally gone. However, I’d like to keep mine on Google Play without fear of removal.

With this in mind, I will be removing all adult boards from my app and adding a feature to manage the boards yourself. When you start Mimi the first time after the update, you will need to add any unlisted boards. It sucks but hopefully it gives Mimi the longevity I’d like to see.

The 2.2 update will be out sometime in the next couple of weeks. Included are a ton of bug fixes and changes to how posting is handled.