Monthly Archives: November 2012

Version 2.1.7 Released

Continuing with my latest drive to make the app more stable, this release has a bunch of tweaks. It should crash less and feel a little more polished.

One of the most annoying bugs was when returning to the batch download page while a download was in progress. It had a fairly high chance of crashing the app, but that should be fixed.  I also (hopefully) fixed the bug where the app would randomly crash when opening a thread.


A fixed test version is up here:

Version 2.1.6 Adds Better Rotation Support

This update will probably be my last for a few weeks. Thanksgiving is coming up and then I have to take care of some stuff in real life. It’s a good update though.

I finally added rotation support. You should be able to rotate the screen to any orientation on any page within the app now. It won’t refresh and shouldn’t crash. I’ve tested it on four devices and haven’t run into any issues. Hopefully you don’t either.

Along with the rotation support, I’ve added fixes to every bug I’ve seen reported (except out of memory problems). It should be a lot more stable for people. If it’s not, I’ll make sure to fix the problems as soon as possible.

If you’re American, have a happy Thanksgiving — if not, have a happy second-to-last-week of November!

Version 2.1.5 brings more bug fixes

As I track down the source of bugs, I’m fixing them and releasing new versions.  Every time I release a version, I think I finally got all of the major bugs out of the way.  This release is no different.

I finally fixed a big issue that was plaguing people. It should no longer crash when viewing gallery images.  Of course there is an exception to that.  I’m seeing that the HTC Desire and HTC Desire S phones crash in the gallery more often than other phones. From what I can tell, they are running out of memory while browsing images.  I’m working on a fix, but it will require a rewrite of the gallery page.

Right now, my priorities are bug fixes, fixing the post system, updating the image gallery, and adding tabs to the thread view. At some point in there I’d also like to make the app take advantage of the screen space on tablets. It’s a lot of work, but tons of fun to write.

Update to 2.1.3

This update addresses a bug I thought I fixed before I released the batch download feature. It will now download the correct images instead of seemingly random ones.

It also adds two new settings. You can now choose your font and thumbnail sizes when viewing threads. That should help with people who want to tweak things a little.

Quick update to 2.1.2

The update to 2.1.2 doesn’t have a lot of changes, but it should address more issues people are having.  The last update reduced the amount of times these crashes happened and my hope is that this update eliminates those crashes.

Updated to 2.1.1

Now that I have ACRA running in the app, I can see when crashes happen.  Seeing the crashes is the first step to fixing them.  A few common crashes had really easy fixes to I did that and released v2.1.1.

Expect less new features and more fixes in the future.

Version 2.1.0 Released

This latest release makes use of the 4chan API and speeds up the browsing significantly. The other noteworthy addition is the use of ACRA to track crashes. It automatically sends a crash report whenever an uncaught exception occurs. There is no personally identifiable information in the crash report. It’s just so I can keep track of the most important issues.

A couple of new options have made their way into the settings menu. First is the ability to clear the cache. Press butan, cache is cleared. Second is the option to hide the history tab. Browse whatever you want without fear of people seeing your history.