14 thoughts on “2.0 released

  1. Samael Lovecraft

    I love 2.0.
    only problem I’ve found so far is the same one from the previous version-
    When I go to leave a comment in a thread, the comment box disappears when I slide my keyboard out (Droid 3).
    Dunno if it’s just my phone doing that, all keyboard phones doing it, or just any phone in general when horizontal.
    I hope it gets fixed somehow someway.

    Also, you should release a paid ad-free version.
    I’d definitely buy it.

    Fantastic work though.~

  2. solarisurbino

    I don’t like the new batch download function. It was way easier to download by pressing the download button.. please make an option to choose between those two ways to download, I’m gonna donate to you, If this happens, I loved this app before you updated it.

    1. admin

      I’m not sure what you mean. Nothing changed as far as saving saving images. I only added the batch download. You can still save images exactly like before.

          1. solarisurbino

            And something else: Mimiwas saving pictures in a folder called “Mimi”, that was pretty nice.Now it’s saving pics in folders named after their thread id’s. Could you change that please?

          2. admin

            Saving individual files still goes to the Mimi folder. Using the batch save function will save under Mimi and then under the board and thread. I’m looking into ways for people to select whatever directory they want.

          3. admin

            Are they taking a longer time to download, or to load after the download? It could be due to the phone. The slowest I’ve seen are on Android 2.2 devices. They didn’t seem to take too long, though.

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