Monthly Archives: October 2012

False positive of malware

Someone posted a 1 star rating to the Google Play site today. Their message basically accused me of installing a key logger in the app. It would be massively stupid of me to do that and then publish it under my own name, but that’s beside the point.

It turns out that Avast has decided that my app has some sort of malicious code in it. I installed it and checked it against Mimi and sure enough, it said it detected something.

I have submitted Mimi to Avast for confirmation. Hopefully they can verify that it is detecting a false positive.

Donate version available now

It took a bit more work than I expected, but I got a donate version up on Google Play. The only difference between this version and the free version is the removal of ads.  It still has the same functionality with nothing added or removed.  If you haven’t tried Mimi yet, download the free version first.

Added a donate version

The Google Play market has been updated with a donate version. The only change is that it removes ads. If you liked the regular version and want to support future development, please consider tossing a couple of dollars my way.

Edit: I unpublished it due to a force close when the app starts. It will need to be fixed and tested before I release a paid version.