Trying out a new look

Here are a couple of screen shots from a new look I’m trying. The icon might change but other than that I think this is what I’ll end up using.

There was also interest in a black theme for AMOLED screens. Once I get closer to finishing new features, I’ll put together a black theme and post it here.



3 thoughts on “Trying out a new look

  1. Tim

    Looks great. When can we expect the update, and what other changes are there? Ads at the top of the screen and no ads in picture viewer would be great!

    1. admin

      Thanks! The changes are becoming more and more complex as I get deeper into them. However I can say that there will be better gesture support (meaning some) and batch downloads. I’ll look into other ways to make image viewing a better experience as well but I’m a bit over my head as it is. The update should be out in a few weeks assuming progress continues as it has. Send me an email if you want to try a test version.

  2. schrikvis

    This is~
    This is great, the new features look cool, faster loading times are always a plus and the app now looks smexier than ever.
    If at least 20% of the things you’ve mentioned in the comments section and the blog are going to be reality at some point in the future, then this app will be even better than, say, every other meta-social app out there. (feggit, gaycon reader)


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