Monthly Archives: September 2012

100 Ratings on Google Play

It happened! I’m really excited to hit that milestone.  Along with the 100 comments, Mimi has almost 5000 active users and I’m getting close to a new release.  By “close” I mean I have no idea how much longer it will take, but I have a build that runs (and crashes).

Not implementing the new 4chan API

Having a new API to use for accessing 4chan posts is a huge step forward.  It will allow me to drastically speed up post load times and eventually could lead to a much more stable app.  I say eventually because right now there is no API for accessing topics.  This means I would have to use a mixture of my current HTML parsing to get a list of topics and then switch to JSON parsing when viewing posts.  I don’t trust myself to be able to handle that switch gracefully with a minimum amount of crashing.  When I can get the topic list for a specific board in JSON, I’ll switch everything around.  For now however, I’m very happy to have an API available and I’ll be even happier when I can implement it.

The API documentation can be found on GitHub.

Trying out a new look

Here are a couple of screen shots from a new look I’m trying. The icon might change but other than that I think this is what I’ll end up using.

There was also interest in a black theme for AMOLED screens. Once I get closer to finishing new features, I’ll put together a black theme and post it here.