Make sure you have the latest version

The first uploaded 1.2 package wasn’t build properly and had some issues. I’ve seen one error report using that older package, but hopefully it didn’t get pushed out to too many people. It’s seriously unstable due to some configuration issues in the signing process. I noticed the issues immediately and fixed them.

The new package is a little over 900k. The bad package is about 670k. If you’re seeing a lot of crashes, specifically when opening the settings menu, uninstall Mimi and reinstall from Google Play.

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    1. Eli Post author

      The ability to download all images is the next feature I’m going to add. I’ll try to resize the tab bar, but I haven’t found a solution that works across all supported devices. Usually that means I’m approaching the problem wrong and will require some sort of rewrite. Thank you for your comment! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I only just saw it.


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