Monthly Archives: June 2012

Version 1.1.1 out with minor fixes

According to a German person on the Google Play store, my app deserves 1 star because it requests GPS permissions and has “giant ads”.  Well, the GPS permissions were unnecessary and have been removed, but I don’t think the ads are particularly giant so they’re staying just the way they are.  I considered leaving in the GPS permissions to show really huge ads to people in Germany, but that would have required work.

I also fixed an issue with the image gallery where Android 3.0+ devices weren’t able to see the saved images.  They existed, but they just weren’t visible in the gallery.  The problem probably exists on other devices, but the fix was more complex.

Version 1.1.0 is Out

The latest version is 1.1.0.  It includes a dark theme and the ability to post.  There is a new settings screen as well.

New post screen

This is what the final version of the post screen will probably look like.

Added forums

This may be entirely useless, but the site has forums now.  Instead of leaving a 1 star review because 4chan is down, you can vent your misdirected anger at me personally in the forums or here in the comments.

Upcoming features for Mimi

People have been asking for specific features in the Mimi 4chan Reader.  Well, I have been listening and development is coming along slowly.

The gallery below shows the dark theme I have implemented.

Below are a list of features I’ve been implementing:

  • Posting and replying to posts (next release)
  • A dark theme and the ability to switch between dark and default (next release)
  • Board favorites, history, and most used
  • More bug fixes